Many people are fearful of hypnotherapy, thinking back to years passed where stage hypnotists would make people believe they were chickens, or the onion they were eating was actually apple. In the last twenty years, so much has changed, and cognitive hypnotherapy is one of the most gentle yet effective forms of therapy currently available. So how exactly does it work?


kitchen hypnotherapyI like to think of Cognitive Hypnotherapy like my kitchen. I love cooking, I have all sorts of gadgets and equipment, and I never follow a recipe – I prefer to try things that instinctively come to me; I taste my way through my cookery. That doesn’t mean I will lick you. I promise. It means everyone is different, and using a variety of tools through thorough training we have to qualify as Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapists, together we can find the right solution for your brain. It won’t be easy, you have to join in too, and work hard. It can be emotional. It can be hilarious. But at the end of it, you have your brain running the way you want it to. The ‘kitchen gadgets’ I use in Cognitive Hypnotherapy are based on traditional hypnotherapy and cognitive behavioural therapy, combined with modern neuroscience.


Everybody is different, so nobody should be treated the same. That is where Cognitive Hypnotherapy is different to clinical and other types of hypnotherapy – we don’t have a one-size-fits-all book of trances, we work with you directly to create a treatment plan that will work specifically for you.

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