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I think I may have found the cure to being fat. Honestly, I think I’ve found the secret to weight loss.

I think for most people, this isn’t a secret, but I’ve had a dawning of realisation that I’ve followed, and I’m losing weight. Steadily. Not as quickly as when you go on a diet, but I’m hoping that’s because it’s just my body getting used to eating like a naturally slim person. And I’m pretty sure that everyone who doesn’t struggle with being overweight already knows this and does it naturally, but I thought I would share, just in case you, like me, hadn’t realised.

Secret cure to losing weight - your body is a bank!

Secret cure to losing weight – your body is a bank!


The secret cure to being fat is to treat your body like a bank account. This bank account has no overdraft, and should never be left at zero. So, before you can draw anything out (like 3 biscuits, or a packet of crisps, or a few too many glasses of wine), you need to fill your bank account up, with a few days of good eating, and exercise.

It sounds simple, yeah? It is! But you have to remember a few rules that go along with it.




1. This won’t work if you haven’t sorted out the emotional issues connected to your eating. So all those self-sabotaging, emotional eating, boredom, ways to make you feel better, low-confidence, you’re not worth the effort issues – they need sorting first. Otherwise, it won’t work. Sorry. (But hey! I can recommend a cognitive hypnotherapist who can sort those out quickly for you!)

2. You can never leave yourself in debt. No “I’ll just pick up this sausage roll from the service station and exercise later to make up for it”, because you won’t. You know you won’t. Then you’ll have eaten a probably horrible grey-meat sausage roll, feel horrible for it, and not lose weight.

3. Exercise isn’t something you can miss. You have to do it. Most days. I’d say, 5 out of 7, but I’m no expert, I’m only saying what works for me. You know those annoying friends that can eat anything they want, never do an aerobics class, and never put on weight? They probably also never sit down to watch TV, always use the stairs, won’t take the car for short journeys and get their 10,000 steps a day just by doing stuff. It sucks, but you have to do it. And, I’m hoping, we’ll all grow to love it!

4. Some foods will just make you fat. There are just some foods that some people can’t eat. For me, it’s bread and processed food. Even if I exercise, my body can’t burn off those foods. So I only eat them on special occasions, and I don’t eat as much of them, because I kind of like having a flatter stomach.

5. Eat when you’re hungry, stop when you’re full. Don’t eat just because it’s lunch time. Don’t eat just because there’s food left on your plate. It’s not a waste, because next time you’ll know not to make as much, or you can save it for later.

So there you go. That’s the secret to not being fat. Why didn’t anyone tell me this years ago?!

(Well, I think they did, but you just need that bit in your brain to click to believe them. Give me a shout if you need a hand making your brain click.)

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