Here are just a few testimonials people have sent us about South Coast Hypnotherapy in the past, put up here with their permission.

Laura, Southampton

Somehow I developed a phobia of the dentist. I'm not even sure how it happened. The
years drifted past & I avoided going. When I was pregnant, I still avoided it & I
could have received the treatment for free.... When my son was about a year old, I
thought I need to get him a dentist & really I should get myself into see one &
still I put it off. I wasn't scared exactly but the idea of going had me breaking
out in hot sweats, anyone putting their fingers in my mouth made me reach, it was
just a very unpleasant experience... & then I found Caroline. She worked magic.
Somehow she turned an illogical reaction to an every day event into something normal
& whilst still not my favourite place to be, a place where I no longer felt worried
or anxious about what I would have to face. Nowadays, I can visit the dentist
without worry & let them do whatever work they need to do. Hypnotherapy is amazing.
It can help you overcome the strangest of phobias. Give it a go. It can change your
life for the better. It certainly helped me.

Becky, Hythe

After having a horrific panic attack whilst at work I started to suffer daily with anxiety , I would feel all sorts of symptoms .. Feeling dizzy , palpitations , tremors , tingling fingers and generally feeling like something was really wrong with me !

It affected my life in so many ways especially when It came to taking my daughter out who at the time was 1 years old . I felt anxious pretty much all day and would wake up with a nervous feeling which escalated so I avoided going out incase it got worse . After a year of this I had enough and had to do something about it as I was reluctant to go on any medication . I started having Cognitive Hypnotherapy with Caroline and it was the best thing I had ever done ! I had 4 sessions lasting an hour each and this changed my life!

Caroline was so lovely and helped me understand why I was getting my anxiety and that I was strong enough to crush it !! Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a lovely experience and I’m so so grateful for all the support Caroline gave me! There was a light at the end of the tunnel and now I’m back to my normal happy anxiety free self , I have another daughter and love spending time with my girls doing all sorts of fun things, I feel like a mum again and I couldn’t be happier xx


Annie, Emsworth

With my holiday now booked, I wasn’t filled with excitement but instead I was filled with the utter dread of having to sit in panic for the entire lead up and duration of the flight(s). The thought of sitting on a long-haul flight with white knuckles and a pounding heart for 10 hours was too much – so I approached Caroline for help.

Caroline immediately put me at ease and guided me through what we were going to do and how she was going to help my brain get past the fear. After the initial consultation, I felt really positive and for the first time I actually thought someone might be able to help me.I only had three sessions in total but even after the first session, it felt like the world had been lifted off my shoulders and myself, and people around me, started to see changes in me immediately!

Caroline left me with lots of tools to help myself with in future and even made me a personalised recording that I could listen to for reassurance.
I used to be someone that shook, cried and couldn’t even get up to go to the toilet on a plane – to now, being able to book a flight with no hesitation and feel positive that I won’t be scared. I have done a total of 7 flights since I saw Caroline and it is very difficult to explain the “null” feeling I have towards flying but it is an absolute absence of any anxiety, which when you have experienced the other end of the spectrum, is a huge relief!

I couldn’t recommend Caroline highly enough – she is a very professional, knowledgeable hypnotherapist and generally lovely person.
Thank you Caroline!


Kayleigh, Portsmouth

To give Caroline the recommendation that this lady deservers I first have to tell you the reasons why I needed help so badly so i’ll make this bit short and sweet.

 Iv done cocaine for about  ten years and I also have a little boy  to  look after so my habit was about 2000-3000 a week  I would always be running around trying to find money for it or off my head  not pay attention to my son I thought I was doing a great job  [ I wasnt ] I was  doing the bear Min and when I didn’t have it I would be a sleep or yelling .

The first time I spoke to Caroline she was lovely and understanding and non~ judgemental which was nice, from the moment she walked in my house I felt comfortable and relaxed SHE CAN HELP YOU BUT YOU HAVE TO WANT TO.  Reality is a hard thing to face but if your honest with her you will do it its not easy at all  I used to have a fire ball urge inside me which I couldn’t control but Caroline took that away and iv not had it since. im not saying I have given up completely but I  think now do I really  want/need this before I do it and its under 2oo  a week which is great I will get rid of all my addictions by the end .

Your mind will try and trick you but believe me this lady can help you be honest to your self and her I now spend more time enjoying my son ,studying, playing waking up in the morning happy , no one holding stuff over me I feel free again so thankyou so much Caroline me and my son have a bright happy future ahead of us thankyou.

Becky, Portsmouth

I came to Caroline for weightloss – I didn’t realise a weight would be lifted off my brain too!

I never realised how much stress I carried before I had my 4 sessions – I was eating because I was anxious and I thought the anxiety was hunger. To be honest, I haven’t lost a huge amount of weight, but I’ve lost enough to make me feel happy, and I eat like a normal person now!


Millie, Hayling

Just to say I’m doing well, a lot more positive, and it’s going great – I’m not panicking anymore!

Thank you!





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