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I always seem chipper, and happy, and bright. And most of the time, I am. But about 15 months ago, I was struggling.

I was working in a low-management job for the local government, and it was draining me. I loved the work and hated it in equal measures; I loved that I knew what I was doing and was very competent at it, that I was in a great location for lunch time walks and I had some great friends that made me laugh. Oh, and a regular known pay cheque each month.

But I hated how things were never allowed to change, that I would do a lot of work on proposals for them to be shot down before they’d even been looked at, that (bored) staff would make my life deliberately difficult for their own sport because they knew I had to deal with it as their manager, that I wasn’t near any natural light or air (we were in a massive box with no opening windows), the commute every day was horrible and expensive, meeting after meeting achieved absolutely nothing, that there was a lot of lip service and brown-nosing…

And I found that it was getting increasingly hard to get out of bed each day, and that the ‘back-to-school’ dread on a Sunday was creeping into a Saturday, and that I had to talk myself into walking into the building.

That’s no way to live, is it? We’re at work for the majority of our day, and if you’re not enjoying that part of your day, isn’t that wasting your life?

It was talking to my partner’s father that made me realise there was another life out there. He was telling us about how he was in a job he hated, so he found another job, and he left. Could it really be that simple?

Well, it sort of is.

Unfortunately, we live in a society where we need money to live well, so unless you have another job to go on to, you’ll struggle. I was lucky in that for the four years previously I had been doing cognitive hypnotherapy on two evenings a week and odd weekends, I just needed to ramp up letting people know I would soon be available more and I had my full time job that I love.

With the support of my partner, we squirrelled away some savings (just in case), updated the website, got active on twitter and facebook, and started speaking to people about Cognitive Hypnotherapy. Before I left my old job, I had my first three weeks fully booked.

And, life has completely changed! I can’t wait to get started in the mornings, I love the flexibility of my time and day, I love being able to be creative, and Sunday nights are full of excitement about what’s to come, rather than dread! I think I make it sound easier than it is, but honestly, the amount my life has improved doing something I love completely outweighs the hard work that it takes to get here!

Here’s a quick shortlist of things you will need:

– A job to go to (whether that is self-employed or to another company)

– Confidence that you can do it and succeed

– A safety net of savings (we went for 3 months worth)

– Self-belief and self-worth

If you feel you are lacking in any of those, get in touch. I won’t give you money, but I will you give you the tools to find savings, and ways to make your vision a reality.

This is your life, let’s make it a life you look forward to EVERY morning.

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